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Hi! Welcome to my new website and online shop.

I am excited to finally have a functioning website and shop.  It has been in the works for some time and is in fact, still under construction but it is live and there are pieces available as I type this.  I have posted most of my jewellery/lampwork activities online through Facebook and Instagram - which I will still be doing - but I now have a space for you to browse (and purchase) pieces ready to ship or see examples of custom work I have done for others.  Shop and "gallery" all in one place.  

 A bit about me.

My name is Laura Steadman.  I am a former member of the Canadian Forces Military Police.  I have a certificate as an Electronics Communications Technician and I am married to an amazing man and mom to three amazing kids.   I have two cats, a catfish and a ghost shrimp.

Twelve years ago, I took a beginner level silversmithing class here in Regina - my mom signed me up as a gift.  I was instantly hooked!  I was amazed at the idea of taking pieces of metal sheet and wire and transforming them into beautiful works of wearable art!  Two years after that, a friend of mine (who I met in the jewellery class) suggested that I try lampwork - glass bead making. I was amazed by the beads she made.  She told me that it would be fun.  What she should have told me was that it was highly addictive and would consume my entire life!   Which it has done, but I don't mind.  I fell in love with that too and it is fortunate for me that glass beads and silver jewellery go very well together.  I now teach lampwork classes and a fine silver fusing class in the very studio that I learned in.

I have always been creative.  I have made things, drawn, painted and been heavily involved in music and the arts most of my life. My parents were creative.  My dad was a jazz musician and architect, and my mom was a dancer, played guitar, sang and did various forms of needle work.  I do origami, spin wool, crochet, cross stitch and Hardanger embroidery, sew, etc.  I guess creatives such as me collect hobbies the same way others collect stamps - also nsomething I did as a child!  Collecting hobbies is a hobby unto itself.  

I find inspiration everywhere.  I love the moon and stars.  I love trees and flowers.  I love watching light play through glass or reflecting on surfaces.  I love texture and colour.  I love it when someone comes to me with an idea, especially something I haven't tried before.  I love a design challenge.  My sketchbook is full of ideas...not all of them work but they are there.  Sometimes I will go back to a design idea years later with a different twist on it.   

I plan to start writing regular blog posts again.  I started several years ago but I got away from it.   I hope you will find something of interest here.  I am still building the site but it gets better every day.  

Please feel free to email me, message me on Facebook or Instagram if you have a question, custom idea or just want to say hi!   

Until next time


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