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EllJay Design By Laura Steadman

Glass Elements/Copper Altar Kit

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This set contains five coloured glass beads representing the elements with their corresponding elemental symbol inlaid in copper wire. Comes in a 2.75" round metal container.

Each elemental marker is also a bead so it can be worn or carried on days you may wish to invoke a specific element. 


Air - Yellow

Earth - Green

Fire - Water

Earth - Green

Purple - Spirit

One Miniature cotton altar cloth (randomly chosen)

All of my Lampwork (glass) pieces are made by me in my private studio.  Each piece in glass is unique, so no two beads are alike. Mini altar cloths are chosen at random.
Lampwork beads are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability. Each piece in the Wandering Witch Collection is created with intention and cleansed, all ready to assist in creating a sacred space wherever you may be.